Before you start


To use Luminoth, TensorFlow must be installed beforehand.

If you want GPU support, you should install the GPU version of TensorFlow with pip install tensorflow-gpu, or else you can use the CPU version using pip install tensorflow.

You can see more details of how to install TensorFlow manually here, including how to use CUDA and cuDNN.


Luminoth leverages FFmpeg in order to support running predictions on videos. If you plan to use Luminoth with this end, FFmpeg should be installed as a system dependency.

Installing from PyPI

Use pip to install Luminoth, by running the following command:

pip install luminoth

Google Cloud

If you wish to train using Google Cloud ML Engine, the optional dependencies must be installed:

$ pip install luminoth[gcloud]

Installing from source

Start by cloning the Luminoth repository:

git clone

Then install the library by running:

cd luminoth
pip install -e .